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 EXZON  Battery Charger

Exzon Series LFB Battery Charger are thyristor-based systems designed for conversion of incoming commercial AC to DC, for charging banks of station batteries and supply to DC load in parallel. All models are equally compatible with all battery type -lead acide , lead calcium, nickel cadmium.The rectifier charger have been developed to conform to the National Electrical Maunfacture Association, NEMA-PE5, The Utility Type Battery Charger, and the Semiconductor Converters standard, IEC146.



They find application in:

  • Power plant
  • Substation
  • High Voltage and Medium Voltage Switchgear
  • Power Supply and distribution
  • Telecommunications systems etc.
  • Cathodic protection system

        Our Product has proved the reliability and quality by All leading industrial :PTT, Siam Cement, NPC, CHEVRON, ABB, SIEMENS and All Utility : EGAT, MEA, PEA,MWA

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